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ƒar away was the time when he 'fought' with his fencing master to impress his betrothed stealthily observing him. Two years. Two hectic years. Their Prince Arthur. A pretender. Her coronation. Two years during which they had both aged. Two years during which care and affection had appeared between them. "I do not want to see you on, or near a battlefield anymore," I do not want to lose  y o u she stated sudddenly, forcing him to look up from his work. A closed smile formed on his thin lips. "Are you giving an order to your King?" "No. To my husband." There was a tone in her voice that suggested him to listen carefully, and Henry focused on her face: the small lines around her mouth, the tense fit of her jaw, the typically kind yet dark blue eyes. Concern. "Your hands are not made to hold a sword," she said, “They are made to hold me. Just  m e ,”  —and that was the closest to I love you Elizabeth had ever come.

Minthe, who, according to myth, became the concubine of Hades, was trampled under foot by Persephone, and was transformed into garden-mint, the plant which some call Hedyosmos.

"I need to write down what has just happened. I need to set down the truth. If I write lies or if I write nothing at all, this journal is worthless. I must do this, in case anything happens. All right. This is what happened tonight, every single terrible thing that I can remember.. " - Michelle Cooper, The Montmaray Journals

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